Delhi18 Oct, 2021

Ankita student of 7th standard is an active and bright girl who lives with her mother and sister while her father lives in their native village and doesn’t provide any support. To make both ends meet, her mother works as a domestic maid and earns an monthly income of Rs 5000. The family had migrated from Uttar Pradesh few years ago and lives in a dwelling paying a monthly rent of Rs 3000.

When Ankita joined Enlight Project in 2018, she was found to be quite de-motivated and clueless about her future. She was hesitant in mingling with other children and participating in the various activities organised in the centre. But with continuous motivation and support of the instructor she slowly began to mingle with others, participated in centre activities and began enjoying the time spent at the centre.

She was introduced to reading and writing through various learning materials that was quite different from the usual classroom process.

This was quite helpful for Ankita. Her mother was quick to observe the positive changes in her daughter and to encourage her further she began attending the parent’s teacher meeting regularly every month. Ankita began to actively participate in activities organised in the CSC and developed a liking in art and craft. She began making beautiful greeting cards. One observed renewed energy in Ankita who was always eager to learn new things. Her competencies in Hindi and English improved. She was able to read short paragraphs in both the languages. The Wall O Book (Library) became her favourite spot. The library developed her interest in reading. Observing her improvement and the genuine struggle by her mother to make both ends meet, Ankita was linked to the Educational Sponsorship Programme. The stipend from this programme is helping her family to provide essential educational stationeries. This support has turned to be quite helpful for the family.