Ashwini Khandare

10 May, 2024

Ashwini Khandare is currently enrolled in the 11th grade, pursuing the science stream at Asmita College in Vikroli. She attends the Kannamvarnagar study center in Mumbai. Her mother works as a waste picker, while her father is employed as a plumber, both without a consistent income. Ashwini has two siblings, one in college and the other in school. She has been involved in the Enlight project since its inception when she was in the 6th grade. Initially, Ashwini was reserved and showed little interest in activities, and her academic performance was average.

Following years of dedicated support and counseling from her teachers, Ashwini has blossomed into a sociable and intelligent young woman. She actively participates in every activity organized at the center. In 2021, Ashwini was selected for an interview with Capgemini, where she impressed with her articulate discussion about the project, her community’s local issues, and insights into her family background.

Ashwini participated in a Waste Management Science Project at her school, which clinched the top prize. Subsequently, her team competed in an inter-school project competition in Hyderabad on the same topic, securing the second prize. She diligently prepared by gathering information from rag pickers, watching videos, and seeking guidance from her teachers. During an online session where students shared their future aspirations, Ashwini expressed her earnest desire to become a doctor. Despite facing challenges due to the lack of proper medical facilities near her home, she remains resolute in her goal to establish one and serve her community and family. During the session she mentioned that she is aware that her dreams need lot of financial backing, which her family cannot provide. She urges people and organizations to sponsor or support her education and help her fulfill her dream. Ashwini, passed her Xth standard board exam with 72% marks, without any tuition support and has opted for science stream with biology as the main subject.

Ashwini played a crucial role in spearheading a Waste Management Science Project at her school, leading her team to secure the top prize. Subsequently, they competed in an inter-school project competition in Hyderabad, where they earned the second prize. She diligently prepared for these competitions by consulting with rag pickers, studying instructional videos, and seeking guidance from her teachers. In a virtual session discussing future aspirations, Ashwini fervently expressed her desire to become a doctor, having witnessed firsthand the struggles of families in her neighborhood to access medical services. Despite recognizing the financial challenges impeding her dreams, she appealed to individuals and organizations for support in funding her education. Ashwini’s dedication and self-study paid off when she achieved an impressive 72% in her tenth-grade board exams, without relying on tuition classes. Opting for the science stream with a focus on biology, she is determined to pursue her academic pursuits.