22 May, 2024

Kanimoli, a third-grade student, resides with her mother, Sangeeta, who works tirelessly as a sweeper to support the family financially. The passing of Kanimoli’s father, Raja, in 2022, left them facing significant challenges, requiring them to navigate life on their own. Sangeeta desired for her daughter to receive an education and pursue a better future. However, her demanding work schedule prevented her from providing adequate support to Kanimoli in her studies. Consequently, Kanimoli struggled to keep up academically due to this lack of assistance. Additionally, the language barrier compounded her challenges, as Kanimoli’s mother tongue was Tamil while the school taught in Kannada. Recognizing her daughter’s difficulties, Sangeeta understood the necessity of additional support, but their financial constraints prevented her from enrolling Kanimoli in tutoring classes. Eventually, upon learning about the child support center (CSC) established by the Enlight project at Hilltop in Bengaluru, Sangeeta promptly enrolled Kanimoli without hesitation.

At the CSC, Kanimoli encountered Swapna, the committed education volunteer overseeing the center. Immediately, Swapna took Kanimoli under her wing, devising a personalized learning program tailored to her specific needs. Utilizing various teaching methodologies such as visual aids, interactive exercises, and one-on-one sessions, Swapna engaged Kanimoli in dynamic and enjoyable learning experiences. Initially, the emphasis was on enhancing foundational skills in reading, writing, and mathematics through consistent practice. Consequently, Kanimoli exhibited significant progress in English reading and writing, much to her mother’s delight, even showing gradual improvement in conversational English. Furthermore, Swapna provided regular counseling sessions, which not only bolstered Kanimoli’s self-assurance but also addressed the emotional obstacles she encountered.

Kanimoli’s advancements motivated her mother to become actively involved with the CSC. She started attending CSC meetings regularly, acquiring techniques to aid her daughter’s learning journey at home. This proactive involvement accelerated Kanimoli’s progress, leading her to actively participate in classroom activities and approach school well-prepared.

Despite progressing at a slower pace, Kanimoli demonstrated consistent improvement in her academic performance. During the initial child competency assessment organized by the Enlight project team in June, she attained an overall B grade, notably excelling in English reading and Mathematics with an A grade. Her grades reflected advancement, indicating a better grasp of concepts. The emphasis on social interaction during her support sessions contributed to Kanimoli’s enhanced communication skills and positive peer relationships. Empowered with knowledge and resources, Kanimoli’s mother actively supported her daughter’s education, ensuring a nurturing home environment. Feedback from school teachers highlighted Kanimoli’s transformation from introversion to active participation in classroom activities, including reciting poems voluntarily. Overall, Kanimoli exhibited progress in both academics and essential life skills.