29 May, 2024

Nineteen-year-old Manyasri resides with her parents in Hyderabad. Despite having a locomotor disability, she continues her education and is currently in her second year of the B.Pharmacy program. Her father, who also has a disability, works for a private company, while her mother, a tailor, works from home. Manyasri’s younger sibling is in the 10th grade.

By the age of six, Manyasri had already undergone three surgeries but was still unable to walk. At seven, based on medical advice, she had another surgery, this time on her waist. The following year, she underwent a leg surgery. After these procedures, she saw slight improvement, leading the doctor to recommend daily physiotherapy and exercises at home.

During a survey conducted by the Enlight team to launch the project in the Uppal area of Hyderabad, they encountered Manyasri. After persuading her parents, the team enrolled Manyasri in the project and conducted the Individualized Educational and Rehabilitation Plan (IERP) to assess the type of support she would need. The team commenced involving Manyasri in the educational process while also organizing regular physiotherapy camps for her. Based on the guidance from the physiotherapist in these camps, Manyasri’s mother began administering physiotherapy to her daughter on a daily basis. Both mother and daughter started attending the Saha Jeevana Sangham Meetings, the collective of parents of children with disability formed by the project. These meetings provided a platform for mothers to connect, share experiences, and learn from each other. During these gatherings, the Enlight team disseminated crucial information about the rights and entitlements of individuals/children with disabilities and how to access them, which proved to be immensely beneficial for Manyasri’s parents.

The free physiotherapy sessions and the guidance provided by the physiotherapist were pivotal for my daughter and me. Manyasri’s mother expressed her gratitude, stating, “Today, my daughter is walking well because you directed me to the right resources and consistently supported me, giving me hope.”

Nowadays, Manyasri’s mother actively participates in the Saha Jeevana Sangham and offers proactive support and guidance to others in similar situations.