15 May, 2024

Eleven-year-old Roshini is from Nathupur village in Gurugram. Her family migrated from West Bengal to Haryana in search of better job prospects but ended up resorting to rag picking due to financial constraints. Even after finding employment, Roshni’s father continued in the same occupation, struggling to provide for the family. Limited educational opportunities arose for Roshni due to language barriers and the absence of identification documents, preventing her from enrolling in any school.

During a community visit, Ms. Anju Poswal, Enlight team member, encountered Roshni’s family and emphasized the significance of education. Despite initial resistance from her parents, Roshni and her sister eventually enrolled in Project Enlight after persistent persuasion. Initially, Roshni faced challenges adapting to the center’s environment and actively participating in class activities. However, with the dedicated support of CSC education facilitators Ms. Anju and Ms. Sudesh, she gradually became more engaged. Within a few months, Roshni displayed remarkable progress and was appointed as a “Kutti Teacher – Peer Educator”.

Roshni’s experience with Project Enlight has been truly transformative. She has not only acclimated to the center’s atmosphere but has also actively engaged in various activities. With support of the education facilitators, she got enrolled in school and now diligently attends both school and the center each day. The intervention by Project Enlight has had a profound impact on Roshni’s life. She realizes the power of education and is determined to break free from the cycle of poverty by realizing her fullest potential through education.

In 2022, the Enlight project extended its operations to Gurugram, supporting 117 girl children belonging from families earning a living from waste picking. Many of these families migrated from their native villages in pursuit of better opportunities but found themselves relegated to low-paying jobs or waste picking upon arrival.