10 Apr, 2024

This case study tracks Vidya’s journey as she steps into higher education after completing her 12th grade. Vidya’s story mirrors the challenges many girls face worldwide in accessing higher education and illustrates how determination can overcome barriers.

Vidya comes from a family with financial struggles and belongs to the Arunthathiyar community. Both her parents work on a contractual basis, earning a monthly income of Rs.8000. She has a younger sister, Pavithra, in the 11th grade. Vidya was in 7th grade when she joined the Enlight project in 2016-17 and began coming to the CSC at Bellsground. This helped her to improve her educational performance. Vidya has always been nervous about exams and it was the career guidance programme facilitated by Ms. Sathyabama from Capgemini, that boosted her confidence for exams and taught her to plan well. The counselling sessions also helped her to overcome the societal challenges that is faced by girls in her community and score an impressive 469 out of 600 in Accountancy. Soon she turned into a model for her community.

The project team conducts frequent career guidance programs tailored for students in grades 10, 11, and 12. These initiatives aid students in identifying their aspirations and formulating pathways to attain them. Moreover, these sessions serve as sources of motivation and empowerment, guiding girls towards realizing their goals.

Vidya aspires to be a bank officer, and is prepared to face all challenges. Her parents too are ready to support her reach her dream. During her active engagement in the Enlight programme for four years, guided by the education volunteer she developed a clear vision of her goal. The Capgemini team in Trichy too has been generous and supportive by providing educational materials which eased the financial strain. Currently, Vidya is in her second year of a B.Com course at EVR Arts and Science College in Trichy.