Enlight envisions a better future for GIRL CHILDREN

Dreams meeting Wisdom

An interactive session Enlight: Dreams meeting wisdom was organized on 9th October 2020 as an integral part of Capgemini’s CSR Week (5th to 10th October’2020). The event contributed towards the “International Girl Child Day” that falls on 11th Oct20.

The event ‘Dreams Vs Wisdom’ is aimed to provide a platform for the girls from Enlight project and the leadership from Capgemini and AEA to engage to achieve the following objectives;

  1. The Leadership develop a better understanding of project Enlight, the target groups through the children and the aspirations of these children.
  2. The Leadership provide guidance to the children that shall uphold their aspirations and further strengthen their confidence of being able to achieve their dreams
  3. For the children this shall be a never before opportunity to interact with ‘Wisdom’ and through this they develop a deeper sense of confidence and commitment towards releasing their dreams

Our Leaders Speak

Aicha Bah Diallo

International Board President, Aide et Action International

I am impressed with the work done by the team at the Child Support Centres which is creating a conducive environment for learning for these girl children. It is good to see that these centres have improved their competencies, broken barriers, improved personalities and the girls now are empowered and have a voice. 

Prof Rajiva Wijesinha

Secretary International Board & President South Asia Board, Aide et Action International

Congrats to Aide et Action, Capgemini and partners for adopting this inclusive expansionary concept of education. It was wonderful seeing these girls express themselves so greatly.

Dr Rukmini Rao

Member - International Board, Aide et Action International

These girls are defying all logic and defying all barriers in life. I am very happy listening to all the girls. Congratulations to them.

Charles-Emmanuel Ballanger

Chief Executive Officer, Aide et Action International

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to visit and meet some of the girl children attending the Child Support Centres in Hyderabad and Chennai. Today I am moved to see them express very confidently and share their aspirations. This was a very emotional moment for me. Congrats Capgemini and the local partners who work with us. Big thanks to all of you for this wonderful project. 

Aruna Padmanabhan

Executive Vice-President, Human Resources, Capgemini Financial Services and a Member of the Group HR executive committee, Capgemini

It's an honor to be here and all the work which all of you are doing is really overwhelming. Girl Education is so important, especially in developing countries. I am very proud of you all for the wonderful work you are doing. Thank you Anurag for inviting me here today. It is an eye-opener for me. 

Antoine Imbert

Chief Operating Officer - India, Practices and Transformation, Capgemini

I congratulate you for all the extremely commendable work that you are doing. I am humbled to see all these young girls with their ambitions, passion, optimism, willingness is really a great lesson they are teaching us. 

Shobha Meera

Executive Vice-President, Chief CSR Officer, Corporate & Common Functions, and Member Group Executive Committee Capgemini

I thank Anurag, Aide et Action, and all of you who are here who are helping us to bridge the gap. For Nikhila, Payal, and all the girls we heard today, keep your dreams going. Very happy to work with our partners to make sure these girls get what they dream to be. 

Lucie Taurines

Group Digital Inclusion Leader, Capgemini

This kind of meeting is life-changing. This program is one of the most impactful. Thank you girls for your energy, power, your testimonies. It will give us the sense to work on what we are trained to do in Capgemini every day. You are inspiring us across the globe. 


Aspirations of Enlight girl children