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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, girls supported by our ENLIGHT project score big in the board examinations

Salem  12 Oct, 2021

In India, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic posed a greater challenge particularly for children who were at the crucial juncture of appearing to their board examinations. The closure of schools and the introduction of technology in education induced a great level of stress and uncertainty. Thanks to the educational support of ENLIGHT project, several girl children, particularly from the most disadvantaged groups were able to score big in the boards and their aspirations are growing high each day.

If not for Enlight, I would have discontinued my education long ago budging to those who discouraged me and taunted me for continuing my education and becoming a burden for the family. Joining the Action project made me strong and more determined. I aim to become an advocate and help girls and women who need legal support,” shared Kavinila who scored 469/600 in her XII exam. This young girl lives with her family in a single-room abandoned house of the railways in Trichy. Formerly, a manual scavenger, Kavinila’s father now works as a welder and her mother works as a daily wager in a dal processing company. Despite poverty and discouragement by her neighbors, Kavinila never lost her focus and zeal to succeed.

“Thanks to Enlight, I could overcome the challenges


Soundarya scored a decent 85% in her XII board exams. She and her family are very happy! She lived with her parents in Salem district and had joined Enlight programme at a time when nothing was going right for her or her family. HIV/AIDS was pinning down the family. Enlight transformed Soundarya into a confident person and instilled an aim in her. “Without Enlight, I would have dropped out of school long ago and would have got married off. Enlight rebuilt confidence in me and my parents. Now, I am confident about my future. I want to stand on my feet before getting married,” says Soundarya.

Similar is the story of Tabsin, from Bengaluru, who recently scored 72% in her SSLC examination. “I am the first girl in my family to enter a school. I faced a lot of difficulties comprehending the classroom sessions and subjects. But, thanks to Enlight, I could overcome the challenges,” shared Tabsin.

Promote the education of 2,000 marginalized girls

The project Enlight was initiated in the year 2015, to promote the education of 2000 girl children living in difficult circumstances across 9 Indian cities. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, the team has been in regular connect with the children supported in their education. Those who could connect online were linked to online educational applications while those who couldn’t were provided with worksheets. The efforts did not go in vain as 97 girls who appeared for their X exams scored between 40% to 90 % while 31 girls who appeared for their XII exams scored between 55 % to 91 %. We are proud to have successfully helped girls in continuing their education, have an aim for themselves, and for feeling proud of oneself.

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