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Connect & Drive on 13th & 20th May 2019

Bengaluru  19 Oct, 2020

On 13 & 20th May 2019, a team from the global Capgemini office visited Bangalore -Enlight Child Support Centres (CSC) at Lakshmi Devi Nagar. The team visited the centre to understand the functioning and impact of the Enlight project on the girl children. The program started with welcoming the guests by our Enlight girl children. The Girl children from child support centers facilitated all the programs. The welcome address was by Ameena Md. Ashwak of V standard followed by Presidential speech by Head Mistress Smt. Prema Kumari, Govt Higher Primary School, Lakshmi Devi Nagar. Fousiya & team from Jai Bhuvaneshwari Nagar performed a dance, which was enjoyed by participants. Much to the surprise of the Capgemini team, Madina Kousar emceed the ceremony in English. After the Introduction, the visitors were divided into 3 different groups to have an interactive session with the 

  1. Kutty Teachers[Peer Educator] to discuss the usage of TLM (Teachers Learning Material).

  2. Parent's / Mother meeting to discuss the challenges in sending the children to school at the community level and also about the functioning of the Centre and educational development of their children. 

  3. Students of the Child Support Centre to discuss about the day-to-day activities of Child Support Centre.