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Legal awareness program for girl children with disabilities

Hyderabad  25 Mar, 2024

Legal awareness isn't just important, it's ESSENTIAL - especially for those often overlooked in society. In this context, the Enlight team in Hyderabad organized an awareness program to shed light on legal provisions for marginalized groups, children with disabilities!

It was an eye-opening program focusing on schemes for children with disabilities! With 60 attendees including girl children with disabilities and parents, the session delved into the National Trust Act and RPwD Act 2016. P. Sammaiah from NIEPID broke down how these acts protect rights and promote welfare, rehabilitation, and equal opportunities for persons with disabilities in education, employment, and social life.

But that's not all! Rama Krishna, from the Revenue Department, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, shared invaluable insights on forming Self-Help-Groups, accessing loans, and kickstarting self-employment ventures for the families of children with disabilities.