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International Women's Day celebrated at Avadi, Chennai

Chennai  09 Mar, 2024

On International Women's Day, the Enlight Chennai team ignited the spirit of change with a vibrant event themed "Accelerate Progress" at the Avadi Municipal High School, Koilpathagai, Chennai. Graced by esteemed guests from Capgemini, including Jagadeeswari Krishnamoorthy, Priya Koshy, Jeyan Joseph, Mohanraj, and Rajkumar, the atmosphere was electric with enthusiasm and purpose.

Ms. Jagadeeshwari Krishnamoorthy, Director-Capgemini, lauded our relentless efforts in advancing children's learning and highlighted the indispensable role of mothers in shaping educational journeys. Ms priya koshy, Vice President-Capgemini, shared a heartwarming moment as our children gifted her the inspiring book "I am Malala," echoing stories of courage and resilience.

Mr. Jeyan Joseph, Senior Director-Capgemini, fueled our girls' ambitions by urging them to embrace STEM opportunities fully and unleash their creativity in upcoming exhibitions. The event dazzled with cultural performances celebrating the importance of girl child education, alongside insightful book reviews by our young readers.

Ms. Lavanya, our STEM virtuoso, illuminated the transformative impact of the STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) lab at Avadi Municipal High School, where 311 children now thrive, a remarkable leap from the initial 45. Capgemini executives generously distributed STEM equipment, propelling our educational endeavors to new heights.

In a poignant conclusion, Mr. Nithyanandhan Selvakumar, Capgemini FS India CSR Lead, shared stirring words from Tamil poets, paying tribute to the dedication of mothers and our project team in sculpting a brighter future.