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Enlight Project Review and Reflection Workshop held in Hyderabad from 26-28 June 2024

Hyderabad  02 Jul, 2024

Aide et Action organized a 3 day Enlight project 'Review and Reflection Workshop' from 26-28 June 2024 at Hotel - The Plaza, Begumpet, Hyderabad. The implementation NGO partner representatives and Direct Implementation Project staff from 13 locations across India gathered to share their incredible journey.

Day 1 was packed with presentations on achievements, challenges, and innovative solutions. Anurag Kumar Pratap, Vice President - Digital Inclusion and Sustainability at Capgemini, and Sajeev Balan, CEO of Aide et Action (India), led insightful sessions, sparking deep introspection and dynamic knowledge sharing.

Day 2 of the Enlight 'Review and Reflection Workshop' was a testament to the power of dreams and determination!

'Dreams Meet Wisdom,' where girls with aspirations meet the Senior Leadership to gain their wisdom, was organized on this occasion. Girls from all 13 project locations had a unique opportunity to virtually meet the Capgemini Leadership and share their incredible testimonials and future aspirations. Their confidence, clarity, and articulation of future plans left everyone in awe.

Insightful sessions from both internal and external experts provided fresh perspectives, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and strategies among partner representatives and project staff. 

Day 3 concluded with the development and sharing of action plans for the upcoming year.