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Sylvie, a sponsor from France

Tamil Nadu  30 Nov, 2023

Sylvie, a sponsor from France, graced our project with her presence, visiting our schools and Enlight child support center – Avadi Municipality Primary School, STEM Lab at Adi Dravida Welfare Middle School - Vellanur, and the Gowdipuram Enlight Child Support Centre, Tamil Nadu.

During her visit, our young changemakers shared the profound impact of our project and displayed their remarkable talents. The interaction between Sylvie and the children was a beautiful bridge connecting two worlds. They eagerly exchanged language lessons, with the children teaching Sylvie Tamil phrases, while she introduced them to the beauty of French. Curiosity thrived as they discussed the education system in France, igniting the flames of ambition within these young hearts, determined to become beacons of inspiration in their communities.