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Enlight Trichy organized Eye Camp for children and elders

Trichy  29 Dec, 2017

The ENLIGHT team at Trichy organized an Eye camp at Dharmanathapuram on 23rd Dec, 2017 where 163 people benefitted from this event. The major objective for organizing this eye camp was because, the ENLIGHT team identified that children had reading difficulties and it was affecting their progress. In order to help them, the Project Coordinator approached Dr.Agarwal Eye Hospital for eye screening and WEKARE Society for financial support. The doctors did vision screening for issues such as-

  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Myopia (near sight problem) 
  • Hyperopia (far sight problems)
  • Eye misalignment
  • Tumors

The major issues identified through the eye screening were single vision and Bifocal vision. Along with children of the ENLIGHT project even their parents got benefitted out of this eye camp. The project team maintained the list of participants with their problems in order to do the follow-up. As each glass was above Rs.1,000/- the people of Arunthathiyar community were not able to afford the price, and so the project team negotiated with the management team of the Dr. Agrawal Eye Hospital to give the power glasses at a discount rate.Considering the reality, they agreed to give each power glass for Rs.800/-. This was again financed by WE KARE Society for procurement. After the Eye camp through regular follow-up, the power glasses were given for 4 children and 18 parents of ENLIGHT project. While few other children from ENLIGHT project were given eye drops in order to get rid-off eye irritation and inflammation. The children who had vision problem were able to overcome through this eye camp. They were able to read and write well. The individual child plan has been rectified for the children with help of eye check-up and necessary medicines.