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Summer Camp for Enlight girl children in Chennai

Chennai  09 Jun, 2023

Chennai, May 2023: On May 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2023, a summer camp was conducted for Enlight girls in Chennai at the Community Hall, Veerapuram, Avadi. 32 girl children from the age group of 10 to 17 from child support centres Kovilpadhagai, Vellanoor, Kanniamman Nagar, Kalaingar Nagar, Pandeswaram, Gowdipuram, and Anna Nagar participated.

The summer camp aimed to educate and empower children from child support centres. On the first day, a self-defense program was conducted, covering topics such as self-prevention, self-defense, harassment, and abuse. The importance of menstrual hygiene and healthy eating was also discussed. The day included sessions on yoga, meditation, and a street play addressing relevant issues. Karate self-defense techniques were taught to boost the students' confidence.

On the second day, career guidance classes, physical games, and sessions on self-esteem, self-confidence, and spoken English were conducted. Motivational videos were shown, and discussions on phone usage, social media, menstrual hygiene, and nutritious food took place. The students had the opportunity to share their ambitions and dreams.

On the third day, activities started with games and classes on safety and good touch/bad touch. Natural science and mathematics tricks were taught to enhance the students' knowledge. Recreational activities focused on team work, coordination, and creativity. The day concluded with cultural programs, group dances, and students sharing their experiences. Prizes were distributed to motivate the children.

Overall, the summer camp provided a platform for learning, empowerment, and personal growth for the participating children.