I want to teach all subjects

13 Sep, 2017

In the second competency assessment exercise Reena Racheal, a 10 year-old girl from Padeshwaram village,Villivakkam block, Tiruvallur district who is a student of 5th class in scored ‘A’ grade in Tamil and Maths and ‘B’ grade in English. Her father is a driver and mother works in the MGNREGA programme, they were surprised by the progress made by their daughter since Reena had least interest in studies.

She did not show progress within one day but this was the result of the concerted effort of the Enlight team and the student herself. Reena was included in the Gowdipuram centre in Chennai in the year 2016. When the competency assessment exercise was conducted and she had scored ‘C’ in all the subjects. The center co-ordinator analyzed the result and developed an exclusive plan of action for Reena. She was subjected to intensive practice in Math (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) under the supervision and guidance of our education volunteers. To improve her reading and writing skills she was encouraged to read story books and newspapers in both English and Tamil. Various teaching and learning materials were provided in order to help her learn the subjects. Gradually not only her competency levels improved but her interest towards studies and school also enhanced. Her school teachers were happy to observe the improvement in her. From a shy girl to an active learner, Reena showed tremendous transformation.

Education volunteer encouraged her to become a kutty teacher after observing her enthusiasm and the improvement in her performance. Kutty teacher is the one who supports other children and help them in their studies. Reena was trained to become a Kutty Teacher and today she is supporting students of 3rd classs in learning Tamil & Maths. There are 5 kutty teachers in Gowdipuram study centre, where Reena Racheal is one of them.

Parents are proud of Reena who observed the journey from a complete disinterested child to helping other students in their studies.

‘I like teaching other children and want to help them in their other subjects as well” says Reena Racheal !



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