Trichy18 Oct, 2021

Prithika was in 7th class when her parents enrolled her in Enlight project in the year 2016 – 2017 at Bells Ground, Trichy. Currently she is a vibrant student of 9th class. Prithika’s father works as a sweeper in Gandhi Nagar while her mother is a Domestic worker.

Going to school was a ritual for Prithika. She had no interest in studies and her big frustration was English. She struggled to read a word in English language. In the first CCA (year 2016), she had scored a poor D Grade in English but gradually under the supervision of CSC- education volunteer who took additional hours of class and prepared various TLM’s like chart works in English words, meanings and opposites, Vocabulary Tools, cross learning modules and Alphabetical list of contradictions etc., Prathika began to show improvements.

The TLMs helped Prithika to read words and form sentences with these words. She developed interest in English which made her work hard and practice regularly. The education volunteer continued to help her and regularly gave her homework to practice at home which she had to share with all in the CSC the following day. This helped in learning the language and practical use of english confidently.

In every assessment that followed the first one, Prathika consistently demonstrated progress, and in 2018-19 end line assessment Prithika scored ‘A’ grade in reading and writing. This achievement was shared during the mother’s meeting and her mother was quite proud of her daughter and expressed her willingness to continue supporting her education.

Prithika is preparing for public examination and feels that the training she received in English subject will surely help her in preparing and cracking the public examinations easily.

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