Samridhi now likes solving maths problems

15 Jan, 2018

Samridhi Gujral was included in the ENLIGHT project in the year 2016. The same year she lost her father and her mother had taken up the reins of the family. She was provided with employment by DCCW, Partner NGO for Enlight Project in Delhi and received a monthly salary of Rs.5000/-. Samridhi, was a class VIth student in the government school. She joined the child support centre in Seemapuri and was first subjected to a competency assessment exercise by the ENLIGHT team. The result was not encouraging at all. She was unable to read two letter words nor write two letter words in hindi. Same was the case with English. In arithmetic, only she could do simple addition and subtraction (without carrying and borrowing).

Soon the team developed a focussed plan for Samridhi and she was subjected to intensive and extensive competency development activities. Varied teaching and learning materials and activities were used to teach Samridhi and gradually she showed progress in all the three subjects. Now she is able to read and write two & three letter words in both English and Hindi. In Arithmetic she learnt to do addition with carrying, subtraction with borrowing and also developed good understanding about multiplication and division.

Earlier I disliked maths but today it is one of my favourite subject” says Samridhi. Her liking for maths encouraged her to take up ABACUS and she loves it.

Today the shy Samridhi, actively participates in the Saturday activities like Mask Making, Craft Making, celebration of special days etc. and also enjoys dancing. The Saturday activities are aimed at enhancing personality of children by encouraging & developing different skills. She also participatedin the summer camp and learnt drawing, coloring, mask making and leaf painting. Considering their weak economic status DCCW linked her up with their Educational Sponsorship Programme. This programme is for children belonging to extremely economically weaker section but have good interest in studies.

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